The trans’ virtual happy hour!

The quarantine’s been extended, so it’s time to get social! Come meet a few friends new and old, have a few ‘virtual’ drinks together, play some games, and mourn the loss of our guest room and celebrate the launch of Joe’s new livestream studio!

The Zoom room and games have been purchased, the batteries have been charged, and Joe will be putting on some pants. All you have to do is BYOB.

We’ll be putting the production space through a stress test, so come join us and have some fun… we’re certain there will be bugs and glitches galore! Woot!

Joe and Lexie

when & where?

5:00pm PST / 8:00pm EST

via Zoom at this link:

Meeting ID: 885 535 841
Password: zoom

Yes, a password, because zoombombing is real and humans can’t have nice things…

the games

You’ll need your phone…

You’ll need your phone to play the game.

So, your phone to play the game and a separate computer to connect to the Zoom meeting is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Come enjoy as a player, or sit back and watch the game and vote/judge others’ terrible choices from afar!


can i invite friends?

Sure thing. Just give ’em this page and the password.

And make sure they’re not assholes.


do i need to bring anything?


I was also gonna put some drink recipes here, but I gotta go get the equipment ready… and put on some pants. So go see whatchu got, and Google it yourself.

Bing also acceptable.